Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Blues by Tally Flint, mother of four

Despite living in a city that boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, I get the blues every winter. They settle in after the post-holiday serenity and sometimes threaten to stick around until May – when summer’s carefree attitude sends them packing. I know they’ve arrived from some tell-tale signs: good nutrition goes into hiding; I dread having to run errands outside of the house; my positivity shrinks; my energy levels plummet. I still do laundry, make meals, kiss boo-boos. But life sort of loses its luster, and I don’t feel as if our family thrives during those times.

" I am not alone
in battling my blues."

One thing good about something happening every year is that you learn how to adapt. I’ve learned to anticipate, prepare for, and at times overcome my blues. I’ve surrounded myself with a small group of friends who know when I’m struggling and pray for me faithfully. Making regular exercise a priority is more important than ever during these months. Same with trying to eat right. I sign up for social outings that force me out of my house and into my community. And I stick to the basic rule that if the sun is shining, I better get myself out to enjoy it.

For me, such practical changes really make a difference. I know there isn’t any one thing that works for everyone. But I do know I am not alone in battling my blues. I have a sisterhood who walk alongside me and an understanding Father who never ceases to shine his love on me, even in my darkest days.

Dear God, how wonderful that your love for me does not depend on my attitude or performance! Grant me your peace, infuse me with your spirit, and direct me to people who can help. Amen.

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