Saturday, January 1, 2011

Steering Team Committee

2011 Hayden MOPS Steering Team

Becky Faulkner

Discussion/Publicity Leader
Tanna Friday

Hospitality/MOPPETS Coordinator
Rebecca Prince

MOPS Mentor
Sandra Hogg
Phone: (205) 647-
Service Jennifer Smith
Phone: (205) 543-5090

MOPPETS Team Debrah Benson (Nursery)
Sandra Ellis (2 year olds)
Jana Love (3 year olds)
Patsy Pennington (4 year olds)
Sophie Corder (Crafts)
Holly Stewart (Music)

2011-2012 Opportunities:

Discussion Group Leader
MOPPETS Coordinator
Publicity Leader

Assistants are welcome to any position, please contact a leader in the area of interest to see how you can help! 
Please note: to qualify for either of these positions, you must be a committed* member of MOPS for at least three months. 
* Committed member - you attend regular meetings without missing two consecutive meetings.