Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hey Everyone!

Come Join us at the Splash Pad in Gardendale for our weekly play date!

We are meeting there at 10am! Pack a lunch and bring a friend! I will have both of the boys since they are finished with school!

If you need directions give me a call 647-0282 or 353-8982

See you there! <3 Becky

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom Email - Hindsight

by Christa Hogan, mom of two

Last month, my 2-year-old fell and broke his femur. After examining Ben, the Emergency Room doctor said he needed a spica cast. He described the fiberglass contraption that would encase my son from the ribcage down for the next four weeks. “You’re kidding!” I wanted to say. “He doesn’t stop for a second. Now he’s stuck in a body cast for a month? And I change his diapers and bathe him how exactly?”
But as time went by, Ben became my example of adaptability. As his leg healed, he learned how to roll over. Next he was crawling commando style. One day, he pulled himself to a standing position. Finally, he took my hands in his own and began to ‘walk’ in the cast. Meanwhile, I learned how to pick him up and carry him, diaper and bathe him. With the help of a neighbor, we ventured out of the house for the first time. After a few weeks the cast seemed like a natural part of our lives.

Before we knew it, the day arrived to take the cast off. Now Ben is learning to walk for the third time. Watching him literally take two steps forward and one step back in his development has been a reminder for me to stay present in the moment and take nothing for granted. Even though I had no idea how we’d get through daily life with the cast on, here we stand on the other side. I feel stronger and more capable because of the experience. And I find comfort in knowing God was with us every step of the way.

Dear God, thank you for not only bringing me through challenging times, but also walking alongside me the whole time.

"I find comfort in knowing God was with us every step of the way."

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hayden Mops is happy to introduce GLENETTE WARD as our newest member of the steering team! She has enrolled today as a mentor mom! We are so excited to have you!!!                                                                    

As of today we have a pretty full steering team! Here's what we have so far!

Coordinator - Becky Faulkner
Finance Coordinator - Becky Faulkner & Sarah Kizziah
MOPPETS - Jennifer Smith
Service Coordinator - Jennifer Smith
Group Discussion Leaders - Kristin Burttram and Lonna Dillard
Publicity - Tanna Friday - Until she leaves :*( We will miss you so much!
Hospitality - Sarah Kizziah
Mentor Moms - Elzie Faulkner, Sandra Hogg & Glenette Ward

Thank you to all of you for stepping up next year! This Steering team retreat is going to be amazing! Dates TBA!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HaydenMOPS Splash Pad Adventure Tomorrow!!!

Come Join Us At Gardendale Splash Pad!

We are meeting there Tomorrow at 9:30am!

Bring a snack and a friend! 

Wear your bathing suit in case it gets warm enough to play in the water :)

If you need directions call Becky at 205 647-0282


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mom E-mail - My BFF

  Morning Mamas! I love waking up to these great email stories from other mamas! It helps me realize that we are all just the same AND it gives me awesome ideas to incorporate God in our everyday life!

Becky <3

By Jacy Bowers

While giving my kindergartner a bath one night, I decided to ask her about her friends at school. Since she was comfortable, relaxed, and had my full attention, I hoped she might be more forthcoming than usual about how things were going with her little girlfriends.
In the past couple of months, we’ve talked about her friends playing or not playing with her. I was amazed to hear how the little girl problems start so young. Best friends made and broken in a day’s time, cliques, and the pressure to be a certain way – all existed already for my 6-year-old.

That night in the bath, I listened as she expressed her sadness over not having a best friend and the various reasons other girls had turned her down for such a role. I sat quietly for a minute, wondering how to make her feel better. I thought of all the times I’d been hurt by friends myself, wishing I could protect her from all the meanness in the world.

Instead, I started explaining how Jesus would never leave her or be mean to her. That he is there in the space left empty from others’ harsh words, insensitivity, or betrayal. I will never be able to fully protect her from the hurts of this world, but as she nodded and smiled at me, I realized I had at least armed her with the assurance that she’ll never face them alone.

Dear God, thank you for being the best friend that never lets us down. Help me teach my children this truth so they will want you as their best friend too.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Join us this Tuesday, May 10th from 9:00-12:00 for our next meeting as we dive back into our Momology curriculum with a presentation from Shelly Radic. She’ll be speaking on Grandscape: What’s my Place in God’s big picture? God permeates the Grandscape of things past, present, future. He wants to hold our hand through it all in a loving, intimate relationship.  We will be celebrating our Moms and have plenty of time for fellowship and discussion following Shelly Radic’s talk.