Monday, April 23, 2012

Just Relax by Tally Flint, mom of four

My 4-year-old twins had their well-child appointments yesterday and were due for a whopping four shots each. Gearing up for something like that is never fun, but I’ve learned that being up front about it is best. The doctor left while we waited for the nurse to return with the vaccinations. My boys paged through books, played with the doctor’s swivel chair and occasionally repeated that shots are not fun but would be over soon.    
"I thought of all the times
when I work myself up
with anxiety and fear."

The nurse arrived and Oliver went first. As soon as the antiseptic-treated cotton touched his leg, he let out banshee screams of terror, flailing about, and making it difficult for the two of us to hold him steady. He was wound so tightly that he actually bled when the nurse poked him, and his legs remained sore throughout the rest of the day. Jack, however, calmly reclined on the table, took a deep breath, smiled widely and stated surprisingly, “That didn’t even hurt!”

Oliver made it so much harder on himself by tensing up and giving in to the fear. I thought of all the times when I work myself up with anxiety and fear. I worry about every detail instead of simply breathing deeply into God’s promises for my life. Promises that he is in control, that he loves me and mine and that he has a very real and good plan for me. Next time I’m faced with unpleasant circumstances, I plan on following Jack’s example.

Dear God, help me cling to your promises during both the joy and the pain of life. Comfort me and hold me close, help me go through challenges knowing I’m in the palm of your hand. Amen.

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