Monday, April 16, 2012

The Four O’ Clock Panic by Clair Boone, mom of two

 Although I’m the only one that cooks in our house, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had that “4 o’clock” feeling. I’m sure you know it well! That “Oh my goodness we need dinner” panic.

I cook daily yet still seem to procrastinate every time until I can’t possibly put it off any longer I take a quick look in the freezer, grab spices in an effort to get creative and pull out pots and pans only to hear that familiar sound: my baby crying. There is a certain finesse required to pull things out of the fridge while balancing a 1-year-old on your hip. And I’ve started to think it requires something beyond myself to add into the mix a preschooler shouting from the bathroom, “Mom, I’m ready to wipe!”  
"Can someone say win-win?!"

Getting a nutritious meal on the table proved a struggle every night. Something had to be done. So I gathered like-minded moms from my MOPS group, and our meal swap was born. On a set day, each person contributed enough ingredients to cook two different meals for a family of 4-6. By the end of our efforts, we all went home with many healthy, freezable meals that we could cook in a pinch. We saved money, allowed for no-pressure cooking and spent a fun day with girlfriends. Can someone say win-win?!

Mothering takes patience, yes, and energy. But it also takes creativity and a support group helping you along the way. I am so glad I’ve stumbled on a way that gives me both.

Dear God, thank you for being a creative God. Grant me inspiration as I go about my day-to-day mothering. Amen. 

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