Monday, January 9, 2012

Like Father, Like Mother by Jacy Bowers, mom of 2

My son earned the lead role for his second grade musical around the same time I agreed to a speaking engagement. Talking comes naturally to both of us, so I was surprised to realize we were both feeling anxious about our upcoming events.

Throughout our preparation, I had no problem encouraging my son. I confidently told him I believed in him, that acting was one of his gifts, and that I knew he was going to be great. But as I worked on my talk, I couldn’t help feeling insecure and scared. I could build up my son, but couldn’t believe the same about myself.
"I believe in my son,
just as God believes in me."

Then it hit me: I believe in my son, just as God believes in me. In the midst of my fear and insecurity, my Father was trying to encourage me. God believed my gifts made me well-suited for this speaking role. Why couldn’t I believe that too?

Thanks to our practice together, my son ended up having a lot of fun with his performance. And thanks to the lesson I learned from encouraging my son, I was ready to do the same with my speaking engagement.
Dear God, thank you for giving me children that I can love and support the same way that you do for me. As I lift up my children, remind me that you lift up me. Amen. 

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