Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mom's Time Out by Gayle Wright, mom of two

I love my morning coffee. Sweet and creamy with a dollop of whipped cream. I can’t wait for my morning treat! The kitchen comes alive with the sputtering machine and the smell of fresh brew. It relaxes me just thinking about it. 

"It’s not easy juggling
all the things a mom
does in one day."

But actually, it’s more than the coffee I look forward to. It’s that precious time I have carved out for myself each day before the non-stop action begins. It is my time to be still; time to breathe a few deep breaths, read and pray. And it gives me a chance to run through the day ahead of me: my pre-work chores, errands to the bank, to fill up the car, to pick up snacks for the kids’ lacrosse practice.

Strategizing to cover all the bases, I lay out my plans and concerns for the day before my heavenly father. It’s not easy juggling all the things a mom does in one day, but it helps to know I’m not in it alone. My morning coffee time helps set the tone for my day, equips me to better meet the challenges ahead. Challenges like … running late for carpool! Oops, gotta go!

Dear God, oh how glad I am that you care about my daily work! Infuse me with your energy and your sense of priority, so I might go about my day well. Amen. 

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