Monday, May 14, 2012

The Ant and the Moth by Liz Sagaser, mother of two

It was a hot Monday afternoon following a hard weekend filled with precarious health, wired kids and a packed schedule. The sun was shining, and I stepped outside to take a walk and clear my head. Life felt more “heavy burden” than “joie de vivre” at the time, and I wondered if I was strong enough to be the attentive and loving mom and wife my family deserves.
"I am often tempted to believe
that my burden is greater
than I can bear."

As I pondered my situation, I found myself looking down. At my feet, I noticed a large moth moving along the cracked pavement. Upon closer inspection, I saw that a single tiny ant was hefting the entire weight of the moth back to its nest. Imagine covering a distance of what would be miles for you and me with a car and passengers lifted over your head, and you’ll have an accurate picture of this ant’s journey.

I am often tempted to believe that my burden is greater than I can bear. But surely, if God gave a single ant the ability to carry up to fifty times its own weight, I know he will give me the strength to care for myself, my husband and my children in the face of life’s challenges. I may have a lot on my shoulders, but God’s got the whole world in his hands – and he is willing to help me carry my load as well.

Dear God, help me hand off my load to you. Carry me through thick and thin, keeping my heart close to yours. Amen.

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