Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Open House by Carla Foote, mom of two

I went to an open house on Saturday, mostly because I was curious about the inside of the house I had watched being built for months. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone. I am normally quite content in my home, but after I saw the gleaming tile in the bathrooms and the smooth wood floors on the main level, and bright, white carpet in the bedrooms (who installs white carpet?), my home looked a little dingy.
"I realized that my house
looks like a home –
where real people live."

In my own bathroom, I tugged at the shower curtain to cover up the slimy parts of the caulking that need replacing. I tried not to notice the shadow on the grey carpet in the bedroom, a reminder of some flu season several years ago … even after cleaning, the stain is visible from a certain angle. I put the pile of mail under the shelf on the desk so it didn’t clutter the bookshelf in the dining room. And I realized that my house looks like a home – where real people live.

I got over the imperfections and noticed the loving jumble of family pictures on the shelves on either side of the fireplace. I sat in my chair where I love to read and think. I admired the framed children’s art in the hallway. I looked at my front porch where I can greet my neighbor who walks by with his dog. I noticed the pile of Christmas cards from friends, still sitting on the shelf months after Christmas. And I was thankful for a home.

Dear God, thank you for providing my family with everything we need. Help me learn to be content, no matter my surroundings. Amen. 

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