Friday, May 20, 2011


Hayden Mops is happy to introduce GLENETTE WARD as our newest member of the steering team! She has enrolled today as a mentor mom! We are so excited to have you!!!                                                                    

As of today we have a pretty full steering team! Here's what we have so far!

Coordinator - Becky Faulkner
Finance Coordinator - Becky Faulkner & Sarah Kizziah
MOPPETS - Jennifer Smith
Service Coordinator - Jennifer Smith
Group Discussion Leaders - Kristin Burttram and Lonna Dillard
Publicity - Tanna Friday - Until she leaves :*( We will miss you so much!
Hospitality - Sarah Kizziah
Mentor Moms - Elzie Faulkner, Sandra Hogg & Glenette Ward

Thank you to all of you for stepping up next year! This Steering team retreat is going to be amazing! Dates TBA!!!

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  1. God has really blessed this ministry. I'm so fired up to see what he has in store for this group next year!!! Love y'all! TMarie